do you want to invest in Portugal? how can i help?

  1. My work is provided in 3 modules, that can be hired individually or as a whole: house-hunting, design and construction works. Despite being just an architect, i work, when necessary, with professionals from other areas, such as real estate, engineering and construction firms.

  2. I have a good knowledge of the territory as well as some governmental incentives to investors, specially on buildings’ rehabilitation.

why investing in Portugal?

  1. Portugal...

  2. -has a geographically strategic location, between Europe and America, for those who want to expand or start a new business on industry and services;

  3. -has very good logistic and connection infrastructures (by sea, land or by air);

  4. -has good climate (220 days of sunshine);

  5. -has miles of sandy beaches;

  6. -has good food and wine (some products are awarded world wide);

  7. -has 13 sites classified as world heritage by UNESCO (;

  8. -has low cost airlines’ platforms in Porto, Lisbon and Faro;

  9. -is not expensive to live in or visit on holidays, compared to other european countries;

  10. - has Governmental benefits for owners on urban renewal (urban renewal is just strating!);

  11. - has a growing rental market;

  12. - is growing every year as a tourist destination.

  1. In Portugal, the sun sets in the sea.